Good arithmetic skills are the first step toward
thinking like a mathematician.
FingerMath ABACUS helps children gain confidence in math by improving their basic math skills and making them more comfortable with the concept of problem-solving.
They can learn to solve complex problems easily by practicing simple calculations, and learn intuitive math skills that will be useful their entire lives. Increased confidence leads to improved ability.
Learn principles of arithmetic using abacus.
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Number Concepts
Children will learn number concepts (i.e. the difference between 1 and 2) not by memorization, but by visualizing the quantities and comparing visual representations.
Principles of Arithmetic
Children will start to understand the quinary and decimal systems, and will learn single-digit and double-digit calculation skills.
Confidence Motivation
With a solid sense of how numbers work, children will gain confidence when performing calculations, thus increasing their level of interest along with their ability.