Welcome to FingerMath ABACUS! This gorgeous digital learning tool helps children improve their basic math skills and gain confidence when solving math problems. ABACUS combines the intuitive feel of an ancient “finger math” machine with the 21st-century functionalities offered by the iPad to create an entirely unique learning experience.
Here’s how it works:
The basic ABACUS version is free; you can upgrade to the full version for $3.99.
Begin with the Tutorial – a visual explanation of how to use ABACUS. The first four parts are included in the free version; the remaining five are part of the full version.
Addition and Subtraction
Once you’ve completed the Tutorial, it’s time to get started solving problems! There are three levels: easy, normal and hard. Each level has 36 stages with one addition or subtraction problem each. These problems change each time you enter a stage, so there’s an infinite supply of questions for you to answer.
Solve each problem correctly to earn small green leaves – the faster you answer the problem, the more leaves you’ll get. You can earn up to three leaves at each stage for a total of 108 leaves per level. The free version has 12 stages at the “easy” level.
Record Your Progress
Track your progress with stamps. Each day you use ABACUS, you’ll get a stamp. Each stamp tells you how long you’ve been playing, how many stages you passed that day, and if you broke any records for speed. This is an easy way to keep track of how your skills improve.
My Abacus
My Abacus is just for fun! Take your time to play with and explore the different abacus features, and choose from four stunning designs (two in the free version). This is an excellent way for children to get used to the “feel” of the ABACUS app and to get more comfortable solving problems.
About FingerMath ABACUS
FingerMath ABACUS’ beautiful design and new approach to teaching math skills make it unique among educational apps. It comes from SMATOOS, a company that pairs skilled educators with talented designers to create smart learning experiences. We’d love to hear what you think! Email us at marketing@smatoos.com and let us know how ABACUS works for you.